Green Bay Trip Recap |


A couple of weeks ago we took an unforgettable and amazing trip to celebrate the hubby’s big 30th birthday. He is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and grew up watching Brett Farve slay defenses, so a trip to Lambeau field was like a landmark trip to Mecca. With my new work responsibilities and schedules, we have opposite days off which means this trip was the first time we’ve spent more than 8 hours in a row together since Labor Day. Can any of my girlfriends relate? If you work opposite days as your main man, how do you manage schedules and quality time together to continue to grow your relationship? Help!
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I can’t be the only one who keeps asking this question: How is it already August??…right?! Please don’t tell me I’m alone. It has been a whirlwind of a couple of months but I am trying to live in the tension of savoring the final days of summer while also craving the routine that fall and new seasons beg. In fact, I’m actually okay that summer is coming to a close. This fall will be the first time I won’t be going back to school, yet life right now is still offering some small fresh starts. And who doesn’t love a fresh start?
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Anniversary Roadtrip Through Delaware and Connecticut | amandabixler.cmo


Friends, it has been a week! On Monday I started a new job and am still going to graduate school full-time, a little insane! I’m trying to take my own advice and not multi-task, take a breather, and change the way I approach my day. I also really don’t want to miss this season – November & December are my two favorite months of the year and they always feel like such a sweet time of slowing down, reflecting on the year, and give thanks for all those memories. Plus the cheerful Christmas music helps!Read More »

A Letter to My Brother on His Wedding Day |


Dear brother,

Goodness, you’re getting old! It’s crazy to think of you getting married tomorrow – yet it’s also so strange to try and think of life before you met Lauren. I love how you love her, how you care for her, how you have stood by her. And I can’t wait to see you grow in that love and faithfulness as you transition from being a boyfriend and fiancé to a husband.
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Dear Indonesia: Thank You for Teaching Us

Dear Indonesia,

One year ago today, we were beginning our trip to your country. We spent 36 hours sitting on airplanes, wondering around airports, watching movies, and not drinking nearly enough water just to get to you. Our team of eight had spent countless hours preparing, praying, researching, packing, and anxiously awaiting our trip. We sent fundraising letters, recruited prayer partners, and prepared for our English Camp, all in great anticipation of the unknown adventure we were embarking on. Read More »