Green Bay Trip Recap |


A couple of weeks ago we took an unforgettable and amazing trip to celebrate the hubby’s big 30th birthday. He is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and grew up watching Brett Farve slay defenses, so a trip to Lambeau field was like a landmark trip to Mecca. With my new work responsibilities and schedules, we have opposite days off which means this trip was the first time we’ve spent more than 8 hours in a row together since Labor Day. Can any of my girlfriends relate? If you work opposite days as your main man, how do you manage schedules and quality time together to continue to grow your relationship? Help!
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Movies, food, books, and miscellaneous things I loved in September! |



This is part of my monthly Gratitude series – make sure and check out July’s and August’s Gratitude posts as well.

September was quite a month! It had some super fun times (like hosting our first guest in Colorado) and some not-so-fun times (changing banks and figuring out the DMV is frustrating). My final year of graduate school is now officially in full swing and this really is my favorite time of the year – a new school schedule, fresh classes, the crisp fall weather, apples and pumpkins everywhere, and football season! We even bought everything we need for our fireplace and can’t wait to use it a lot in the coming months. Read More »