5 First Trimester Needs

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Well, the cat is out of the bag! Perhaps you saw on my Instagram last week but we finally made the announcement all public – we’re expecting a little baby! Our nugget is due in October and boy am I glad to be out of the first trimester – and to be able to share the news with our whole tribe. I’m glad we kept the secret to ourselves for so long because it ended up being a really sweet time just between the hubs and I (and a few family members and close friends), but I’m also glad that everyone knows!
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Just a few of my most favorite things from November!

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Did you catch our trip recap to Green Bay, Wisconsin from a few weeks ago? It by far has been my favorite thing this month!

November Favorites | amandabixler.comI seriously cannot get enough of this book by Brendon Burchard. Everyone’s favorite girlfriend Rachel Hollis recommended it about 1,000 times and I’m so thankful I picked it up. In it, Burchard systematically walks through the intentional and thoughtful habits that high performers have put in place, habits like seeking joy, taking good care of yourself, cultivating gratitude. I love it because it’s incredibly practical yet also inspiring and motivating.

IMG_2382Ya’ll, Walmart Grocery pickup is a GAME. CHANGER. Grocery shopping is simply not one of my most favorite things in the world. I actually should add to to my list of things I don’t do. It tends to stress me out, I’m not great about sticking to a list, and I inevitably forget something. For the longest time, we’ve gone with the habit that I will meal plan, make the grocery list, and do the actual cooking (all things I love), while Andrew does the actual shopping. But over the past couple of months, we’ve been working hard to simplify our lives and streamline some things so I looked into a grocery pick up service. Walmart’s is free (while others do charge a service fee) and all I have to do is add stuff to my cart throughout the week either online or through the app, choose my pickup time, and then either Andrew or I show up to have our car loaded with our groceries. They even have an option on the app to check-in when you’re on your way so you don’t even have to call when you arrive. Genius. (Not sponsored – trust me, Walmart has no idea who I am. But if you want to try it out, click on my referral link and you’ll get $10 of your first order.)

November Favorites | amandabixler.comNovember Favorites | amandabixler.com

I recently picked up these storage containers in hopes of getting better at meal prep + packing our lunches during the week. Tupperware containers for meal prep/leftover food

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November Favorites | amandabixler.com

October Favorites | amandabixler.com


Just a few of my most favorite things from this month!

IMG_2767Drinking water with this sweet glass I received as a gift after speaking at our women’s retreat last month.

IMG_2766I am diligent and intense about my nighttime routine & this has been the perfect addition. And it’s from a local shop, which makes it that much better!


Slowly making my way through this book for the second time.

163-01I’ve loved Jamie’s podcast for a long time (as proof here) but one of her most recent interviews has to be my favorite. Sharon speaks such encouragement and life to women, especially in ministry – like water to my soul.

maxresdefaultHave you heard the new CD from Elevation Worship? It’s so great, especially for those cool, slow fall mornings.

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October Favorites | amandabixler.com

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What a month August was! I’m serious when I say I’m not sure where the month went – did I take a two week nap? It’s been a whirlwind of a month with extra work events, transitioning to full-time, NOT preparing to start school (for the first time basically since I was 5 years old), and a couple of small trips. But today, before we jump into a new month and new season (HELLO FOOTBALL!), I’m kicking off a new series where each month we’ll recap favorite moments, items, media, and food from the month.
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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Is anyone else absolutely obsessed with podcasts? I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with actively listening to podcasts over the past several years. There are seasons where I feel like I’m driving a lot (hello 2 hour commute to school!) where I listen frequently but then summertimes or other seasons where I tend to listen more to music or devote my attention to other things. However, since graduating from school a couple of months ago and adjusting to full-time work at my church with higher leadership expectations, I have found myself desperate to digest as much extra information as I can. It also doesn’t help that I’m a nerd and love learning new things 😉 Read More »

Some of my favorite things to stay focused, productive and motivated in graduate school. | amandabixler.com


I am in my fifth and FINAL year of graduate school. It’s crazy to think that this has been my life for the past five years – juggling assignments, work, reading, research papers, group meetings, confusing homework, all of it – and in under six months it will be over. And I will take a deep breath, a long nap and give thanks for making it through. But until then, focus and motivation is essential. And to do that I need some of my favorite tools to stay productive and get assignments done, little by little. This list is certainly not exhaustive but as we kick off a new year and new semester of school, these are the five essentials I turn to.

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Gratitude: Some of my most loved, read, watched, and cooked memories from December 2016 | amandabixler.com


Goodness, how is it already January?! How does this happen? But truly, as much as I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, the quiet that the week between Christmas and New Years brings is so calming, so peaceful, so lovely. Having time to pause and reflect on the past year and make plans for the new year is one of my most favorite things – remembering our big move, reflecting on how faithful God has been to us adjusting in Colorado, growing this blog and making amazing blogger friends (shout out to Grady at Grady Bird Blog who writes awesome inspiration, especially for any stepmoms out there) – it’s truly been a year for the record books.
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August was a big month for the Bixler's! We moved states, changed jobs, and for the first time in our life are actually experiencing the beginning of fall weather. Here are some other things we find ourselves deeply grateful for. | amandabixler.com



Well, friends, September is here. One of the best and biggest adjustments to life in Colorado has been the change in weather. It’s been low 70s, rainy, and gorgeous here in the Springs this past week whereas in Southern California we’re used to it still being in the 90s until Halloween. Perhaps I better take finding rainboots and other winter-ish clothing quickly a little more serious and if you have any recommendations, please send them my way. As much as I love the idea of fall weather, scarves, and warm coffee drinks, I’ve spent a majority of my adult life in Rainbow sandals so this will certainly be an adjustment. Read More »

Gratitude: Things I'm Loving in July 2016



Little things bring me joy. Experiences, flavors, funny movies and books I can’t put down. I also love knowing what others are loving. What new restaurant have you tried or what book can you not stop talking about? These are just a couple of things that jumped out to me last month. I hope they’ll bring you a joy in the small spaces like they have me. Read More »