5 First Trimester Needs

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Well, the cat is out of the bag! Perhaps you saw on my Instagram last week but we finally made the announcement all public – we’re expecting a little baby! Our nugget is due in October and boy am I glad to be out of the first trimester – and to be able to share the news with our whole tribe. I’m glad we kept the secret to ourselves for so long because it ended up being a really sweet time just between the hubs and I (and a few family members and close friends), but I’m also glad that everyone knows!
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This is part of my monthly Gratitude series – make sure and check out July’s and August’s Gratitude posts as well.

September was quite a month! It had some super fun times (like hosting our first guest in Colorado) and some not-so-fun times (changing banks and figuring out the DMV is frustrating). My final year of graduate school is now officially in full swing and this really is my favorite time of the year – a new school schedule, fresh classes, the crisp fall weather, apples and pumpkins everywhere, and football season! We even bought everything we need for our fireplace and can’t wait to use it a lot in the coming months. Read More »