Anniversary Roadtrip Through Delaware and Connecticut | amandabixler.cmo


Friends, it has been a week! On Monday I started a new job and am still going to graduate school full-time, a little insane! I’m trying to take my own advice and not multi-task, take a breather, and change the way I approach my day. I also really don’t want to miss this season – November & December are my two favorite months of the year and they always feel like such a sweet time of slowing down, reflecting on the year, and give thanks for all those memories. Plus the cheerful Christmas music helps!Read More »

Gratitude: What I Loved in October 2016 |


This is part of my monthly Gratitude series – make sure and check out August’s and September’s Gratitude posts as well.

October was an incredibly full, adventurous, and delicious month! Between our big east coast vacation and my mother-in-law being in town for a couple of days, not much got done on the home front but tons of amazing memories were made. I can’t wait to continue processing and sharing all of our adventures with you and encourage you to take adventures of your own!
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Vacation in Washington DC |


Last week I began to share about our trip on the east coast, beginning with my brother’s wedding in Charlotte, NC. The day after the wedding, after a quick (and absolutely delicious) breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, A & I hit the road. Our plan was to spend the first half of the day driving up to Washington DC, check in to our AirBNB, and then spend some time that evening exploring the Mall (where all the iconic government buildings are).
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Finding Rest and Why It's About the Heart |


Do you ever feel stuck, unmotivated and overwhelmed? Tempted to give in to the pressures around you and say yes to just one more thing, even though you really don’t want to do it? Or what about those “shoulds”? Like, well I “should”sign up and volunteer for (yet another) charity and I “should” super duper deep clean my home every other day and I “should” work later in the evening so my boss doesn’t think I’m a flake?
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7 Things I Choose To Do Regularly |


Since moving to Colorado a couple of months ago, A & I have been on a journey of simplifying – simplifying our schedules and our commitments in an effort to live a slower and more intentional life. Not one that is full of unnecessary busyness and stress, but one full of joy and contentment, adventures and rest.

Through this process, I created a list of 7 things I don’t do (and encourage you to do the same!) as a way of upfront saying these are things I won’t give in to. I have found that if we are able to clearly define our boundaries and put them in place ahead of time, it is much easier to say “no” in the moment as opposed to being tempted to give in, overcommit, or feel guilty for not doing something enough.
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