Genesis 2 | Let us strive to honor the Sabbath and create rhythms of rest in our own lives, finding the routine of creating and resting

I have always struggled with perfectionism, over-commitment, and finding my worth in a completed to do list. Several years ago God really begin stirring in me the need to slow down, to abide in him, and to reorient the way I count my time. Ever since then I have been on a journey of exploring what it means to observe weekly Sabbath, trusting that God will keep the world spinning, and also to bring that Sabbath mindset into my daily life. Friends, life is busy! This contemporary American culture demands a lot and if we aren’t active and passionate about guarding our hearts and our calendars, God will quickly be the furthest thing from us – not because he turns away but because we’re too busy to notice him. I hope you’ll join me in this journey of creating some space for Sabbath.

But oh, it’s so much more than taking a day off! As we see in Genesis 2:3, God practiced creation + rest. He spent six days being creative, finding joy in his work, and engaging with his creation. And then he paused. He took a deep breath, found his work good, and rested.

I believe we are all creative people. It may not be visual art or music or interior design, but everyone was created to create. Yet when all we do is create, build, hustle, and work, we lose sight of the beautiful rhythm and example that God laid out for us in the beginning. So, in some ways carving out space for a weekly Sabbath is a discipline of taking a day off of work each week. But it’s also a beautiful practice of ceasing from work, finding joy in the work we’ve done the previous six days, and trusting that God truly is the one who will keep the world spinning, not us (can I get an amen?!). And my prayer is that as we strive to carve out this sacred space and pause one day a week that it will slowly, radically transform how we schedule, create, and hustle during those other six days of the week.

Join our community of people who are saying “I’m in” for Sabbath. Post your pictures of what Sabbath means to you on Instagram using #sabbathspace and let’s encourage one another in this endeavor.

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