October Favorites | amandabixler.com


Just a few of my most favorite things from this month!

IMG_2767Drinking water with this sweet glass I received as a gift after speaking at our women’s retreat last month.

IMG_2766I am diligent and intense about my nighttime routine & this has been the perfect addition. And it’s from a local shop, which makes it that much better!


Slowly making my way through this book for the second time.

163-01I’ve loved Jamie’s podcast for a long time (as proof here) but one of her most recent interviews has to be my favorite. Sharon speaks such encouragement and life to women, especially in ministry – like water to my soul.

maxresdefaultHave you heard the new CD from Elevation Worship? It’s so great, especially for those cool, slow fall mornings.

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October Favorites | amandabixler.com

Finding Rest and Why It's About the Heart | amandabixler.com


Do you ever feel stuck, unmotivated and overwhelmed? Tempted to give in to the pressures around you and say yes to just one more thing, even though you really don’t want to do it? Or what about those “shoulds”? Like, well I “should”sign up and volunteer for (yet another) charity and I “should” super duper deep clean my home every other day and I “should” work later in the evening so my boss doesn’t think I’m a flake?
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7 Things I Choose To Do Regularly | amandabixler.com


Since moving to Colorado a couple of months ago, A & I have been on a journey of simplifying – simplifying our schedules and our commitments in an effort to live a slower and more intentional life. Not one that is full of unnecessary busyness and stress, but one full of joy and contentment, adventures and rest.

Through this process, I created a list of 7 things I don’t do (and encourage you to do the same!) as a way of upfront saying these are things I won’t give in to. I have found that if we are able to clearly define our boundaries and put them in place ahead of time, it is much easier to say “no” in the moment as opposed to being tempted to give in, overcommit, or feel guilty for not doing something enough.
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7 Things I Don't Do + Why It Makes My Life Simpler | amandabixler.com


Time is finite. We all know that right? 60 minutes in every hour, 24 hours in every day, 168 hours in a week, 52 weeks in a year. Everyone has the same amount of minutes in an hour and hours in a day. And we can’t buy, steal, or beg for more time. So if we can’t add more time to our day, what is our alternative option? To continue to run ragged, stressed, and worn out, unable to fully focus because we are so hyped up on coffee and sleeping pills? I sure hope not. Read More »

5 Ways to Break Busy | amandabixler.com


Read previous posts in this “Finding Rest” series here and here.

As I have recently been sharing, the term “busy” is no longer a part of my everyday vocabulary. After years of wrestling with anxiety, competition, perfectionism, and overcommitment, I have realized that busyness is not a game to win or competition to engage in. The lie I continued to buy into was that my to do list defined me and busyness was a badge of honor. But while I’m over that game and strive to live a life full of intentionality, margin, and breathing room, there are still times when life gets a little too full or the temptation to compete with busyness grows. When those moments come, I have five little habits that I practice to help reduce stress, realign priorities, and lead with grace.Read More »

Busyness seems to be one of the greatest issues in our western world - we are too overwhelmed, stress, and sick to do much about it. Read more about how to diagnosis this problem. | amadnabixler.com


Last Monday, I shared some of my own journey through changing my lifestyle and why Andrew and I are removing “busy” from our vocabulary. I love how Blair from Blair Blogs describes it – she wants to live a full life, not a busy one. Isn’t that something we all want?

Over the next several weeks I will be sharing some more practical ways to we can change our approaches to busyness and our schedules as well as some intentional ways to overhaul your day and week. It has been a really slow process for us, a process of breaking our own thought patterns and systems of approaching our days. We have had to train ourselves to not instinctively respond “yes” when someone asks us to do something, changing our muscle memory to something entirely different than we’ve known most our adult lives.Read More »