You Are Not Your Job |


I was hired for my first “real” job at 19. I had just started college, was a full-time music major, and struggling to grow up and figure life out. Adulting is hard, am I right?! The music program I was part of was an all-or-nothing type of situation. One of the top 3 hardest programs at the school with the expectation that you said yes to every opportunity, every ensemble, every gig. They were paying you scholarships, after all, and how else do you get good at your craft? Most of the time you weren’t even asked if you wanted to be part of a certain musical ensemble or to audition for stuff – you’d simply receive an email saying you were now part of the Symphony Orchestra and practices started tomorrow at 4pm.
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7 Things I Choose To Do Regularly |


This is a post from the archives.

Since moving to Colorado last year, A & I have been on a journey of simplifying – simplifying our schedules and our commitments in an effort to live a slower and more intentional life. Not one that is full of unnecessary busyness and stress, but one full of joy and contentment, adventures and rest.

Through this process, I created a list of 7 things I don’t do (and encourage you to do the same!) as a way of upfront saying these are things I won’t give in to. I have found that if we are able to clearly define our boundaries and put them in place ahead of time, it is much easier to say “no” in the moment as opposed to being tempted to give in, overcommit, or feel guilty for not doing something enough.
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27 Ways to Overhaul Your Day |


This is a post from the archives.

If we aren’t careful, life can get away from us. Culture can demand that we are constantly connected, always say “yes” when asked for another commitment, and run ourselves ragged. But what if that wasn’t how we had to live? What if there was a better way to intentionally organize our days that allow more breathing room and opportunities to hear and respond to God? Today I’m sharing twenty-seven simple and tried-and-true tips that I regularly use to break the cycle of busy and overhaul my day.
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An Advent Love |


Love is all you need – or so the song goes, right? From sappy chic flick movies to over-the-top seasons of the Bachelor, our minds and eyes and thoughts and hearts are filled with how love “should” look. Passionate kisses in the rain, angry fights in the rain, friends running towards each other in the rain after finally figuring out they loved each other. Seriously, what is it about rain that seems to make every scene that much more romantic?
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An Advent Joy |


Earlier this year, we were going through a really tough season of life. It seems easy to brush it off – nothing externally was necessarily going wrong. Our health was fine, we had a home to live in, we had some friends and a good sense of community. But it felt like we were drowning in our mid-twenties, stumbling to find our footing and shape a life called by God and formed by Him. There were many days I woke up, uncertain of work or school or where I was headed, and I did not feel happy. I didn’t want to get out of bed and all I had to sustain me, to give me hope and peace of God’s sovereignty and promises was His Word. I poured myself into scripture and proclaimed His truths over my life.
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An Advent Peace |


Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, a season that denotes the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Advent marks a beautiful season of slowing down and yearning for the birth of our Savior, literally meaning “waiting” or “expecting”. Often times, these four weeks are marked by four themes – hope, peace, love and joy. Last week we looked at what an Advent hope can mean, placing our hope not in our external circumstances that can change or disappoint, but in Jesus’ humble birth, life, death and resurrection.
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An Advent Hope |


hope I get that new job. I hope my home gets cleaned soon. I hope to have time to make it to that party. I hope my parents get healthy soon. I hope my brother finds someone to marry. I hope my kids turn out to be good people.

Plenty of things to hope for, right? And these are all good things – healthy family members, successful careers, good relationships. But what happens when those things don’t turn out the way we think/hope/work for? Where is our hope found then?
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Why You Should Be a Champion of Your Tribe |


This post was originally shared in March 2016. It is a topic I am still incredibly passionate about and want to continue to try and do a better job of encouraging those around me.

I’m a 27 year old woman – married, college graduate, musician, almost done with her masters. I often find myself in two worlds – the world of music and the world of theology and the Church. Being a percussionist, a scholar and a practical theologian often places me in male dominated cultures – for better or worse, I’m often the minority. In fact, I’ve come to embrace this minority. I revel in be the “lone wolf” (or whatever the female equivalent of wolf is) and take joy when I’m the smartest/most organized/most talented/most prepared person in the room.
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