I’m for simplifying. I’m all for making things fun, planned, exciting. I enjoy adventure and spontaneous Saturday morning escapades. But I also deeply love a good checklist, a marker of things accomplished, a memorial of memories made.

27 Things While I'm 27

I am currently 27 so in a strong attempt to blend my desire for adventure, new experiences, and celebrations with my grand appreciation for a good, ‘ole fashioned list, I’ve created the below list of 27 things I would like to accomplish/experience/witness during the next year. And you better believe I’ll be documenting as it happens!

If an item is bolded it means I have completed it!

  1. Play hooky on a Sunday and go to brunch at the Broadmoor (Completed on 8/29/16)
  2. Attend a professional sporting event
  3. Read 27 books (15 of 27 as of 1/1/17)
  4. Go on a brewery tour (Completed on 10/21/16)
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  5. Walk the Garden of the Gods
  6. Go on a picnic (Completed on 10/1/16) 
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  7. See the midnight premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Completed on 11/17/16)
  8. Eat New English clam chowder in Boston (Completed on 10/22/16)
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  9. Join/form a supper/wine/Jesus club
  10. Find a new favorite coffee shop (Completed on 12/1/16)
  11. Write and document God’s faithfulness over the past six months (read
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  12. Spend a weekend in Denver
  13. Explore a tiny town for a Saturday
  14. Find a new winery
  15. Do a digital detox weekend
  16. Do a whole30
  17. Cook a Christmas dinner (Completed on 12/25/16)
  18. Attend a musical/concert/show at a local theater (Completed on 12/10/16)
  19. Cook my way through one entire cookbook
  20. Take a cooking class (Completed on 9/16/16)
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  21. Finish reading the Bible in its’ entirety
  22. Graduate with my Master of Divinity degree and celebrate
  23. Plant an herb garden
  24. Make pasta from scratch
  25. Have my hair done at the Dry Bar
  26. Go for a big hike
  27. Decorate and organize our new home