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Well, the cat is out of the bag! Perhaps you saw on my Instagram last week but we finally made the announcement all public – we’re expecting a little baby! Our nugget is due in October and boy am I glad to be out of the first trimester – and to be able to share the news with our whole tribe. I’m glad we kept the secret to ourselves for so long because it ended up being a really sweet time just between the hubs and I (and a few family members and close friends), but I’m also glad that everyone knows!


5 First Trimester Pregnancy Items You Need | amandabixler.com

But, back to that first trimester. For the most part, I felt okay and I certainly did not have as bad of symptoms as I’ve heard from other women. Oh, the horror stories. Plus, I hate even the idea or thought of throwing up. Thankfully, I never had that but certainly battled nausea and fatigue for the better part of those first 13 weeks.

During those first couple of months, I scoured all of my favorite blogs (like Elizabeth over at Oak & Oats who recently announced her own pregnancy) and Pinterest searching high and low for other women’s suggestions on how they survived that first trimester. I found some great advice and thought I’d pass along some of what worked for me for any out there who find themselves in a less-than-fun couple of months.



I tend to view myself as a high achiever with discipline being my super power. But during those first couple of months of pregnancy, I was so exhausted, unmotivated and only wanted to eat carbs. I beat myself up way too much about anything or everything – we were eating out too much, I wasn’t working out enough, our house wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be, my productivity level at work as dipping and the list goes on and on.


Saltine crackers, lots of peanut butter and apples, lemonade, bananas, protein bars (these were my favorite) – I tried the whole scope of good snacks. Unfortunately, I mostly just craved carbs and good ‘ole fashion comfort food. It was tempting to beat myself up for not eating as healthy as I can, but back to the grace perspective in the first portion – I felt so tired and miserable at times that I just needed to eat and snack as I could. Now that I’m feeling better and have more energy to cook from home, I’m looking forward to getting back into the kitchen and doing more meal prep.


I read somewhere that citrus smells can help alleviate nausea. After that, I quickly grabbed some of my essential oils (lemon, grapefruit, and citrus bliss) and carried them with me everywhere. I put lemon and grapefruit in my water while just taking a deep whiff of the citrus bliss or rubbing it under my nose did wonders.


Someone told me early on in my pregnancy to buy body butter and use it every day. So I did! I’m very obedient like that 😉 My favorite was Burt’s Bees and I’ve put it on my belly, sides, upper legs and breasts nearly every day since finding out I was pregnant. It’s still too early to tell if it’ll help with stretch marks, certainly, but it has also helped with dry itching (which is so common in the dry Colorado climate, regardless of pregnancy or not!)


My sweet best friend brought me a “Surviving Your First Trimester” care package one day and these vitamins were in there – I believe she bought them at Sprouts. They are all-natural and really helped curb a lot of the nausea and upset stomach I was battling. I kept them in my purse and took one at a time throughout the day as the nausea was coming on. It didn’t permanently alleviate the nausea, but it definitely helped bring some relief which was welcomed!


Living in Colorado and at 6,000 ft elevation requires a pretty constant need for water. The air here is so thin and dry that it is quite easy to dehydrate. I already drink a pretty decent amount of water every day – everyone’s girlfriend Rachel Hollis insists on drinking half your body water in fluid ounces of water every day is a core habit everyone should have. Even given that, I definitely increased my water intake these past 2 months to help stave off excess hunger, nausea and headaches. I also began to struggle with sleeping through the night including already waking up several times to use the restroom so I just made sure to slow my water intake substantially by 4pm or os.

Oh man, there you have it! As you can see, it’s kind of a hodge podge of things that I loved from this first trimester. Oh, and binge-watching a couple of shows on Netflix sure didn’t hurt!

// What about you? Have you battled through the first trimester of a pregnancy? What was your saving grace?

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