Is anyone else absolutely obsessed with podcasts? I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with actively listening to podcasts over the past several years. There are seasons where I feel like I’m driving a lot (hello 2 hour commute to school!) where I listen frequently but then summertimes or other seasons where I tend to listen more to music or devote my attention to other things. However, since graduating from school a couple of months ago and adjusting to full-time work at my church with higher leadership expectations, I have found myself desperate to digest as much extra information as I can. It also doesn’t help that I’m a nerd and love learning new things 😉 

Because I have such a strong love of podcasts, I was recently asked by a couple different people what I’m listening to. I still go through seasons of craving different types of information or entertainment and right now I’m mainly focused on leadership development or women in leadership & business information.



This is the podcast that GOT. ME. HOOKED. Each week, Jamie invites a friend on to “talk about the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between.” This is definitely a show for women as all of her guests are women (other than the occasional guest appearance of her husband), but ya’ll, the people she has on are so inspiring. They are mamas, wives, authors, entrepreneurs, Jesus-followers, world-shakers. If you’re needing a boost of encouragement or just to feel like you’re not all alone in this crazy world, check out the Happy Hour. You can listen to Jamie’s podcast here.


Rachel Hollis is the best friend, big sister, and Oprah-friend you totally wish you could have. She’s the CEO of her own media company in LA, has four precious children, and is just killing it at life. Each episode she has a different female leader on to talk about what it’s like in their career, how they got to where they are, and what advice they have for women at different stages of life. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur but simply looking for some self-development and motivation, I highly recommend the DAIS podcast. You can listen to Rachel’s podcast here.


I’ll confess it – I am horrible at keeping up with world news. I grew up in a household where every night my parents would sit down and watch the nightly news, but I guess it never stuck. That’s where The Daily comes in. It’s produced by the New York Times and each weekday you’ll wake up to a 15 – 20 minute update on the world. I typically listen to it as I’m getting dressed and ready in the morning and it is just enough to make me feel like I’m actually aware of what’s happening without being 115% overwhelmed – can I get an amen?  You can listen to The Daily podcast here.


We’re huge movie people and typically watch one or two movies a week. Going to the movie theater is my favorite way to unwind and relax. But I also have this super nerdy obsession with knowing 125% about random actors or producers, including every other project they’ve done, where they went to school, and what their favorite dessert choice is. Whether you share my strange obsession or not, I find so many gems in this podcast from Sam’s amazing interview skills to how certain people dealt with adversity to what it means to really hustle and take any gig or job until you finally get the one that sticks. It’s gold, people. You can listen to this podcast here.


I can’t quite remember how I was first introduced to Craig but he is a leadership genius. He’s one of the pastors at and does a lot of leadership coaching, writing, and speaking on the side. The best thing about his podcasts is they are typically only about 20 minutes long, well-prepared, and concise. I typically listen to podcasts while I walk and I have a whole Notes section on my phone for quotes and excerpts from his podcasts. You can listen to Craig’s podcast here.


As the main guy at one of the fastest growing megachurches in the United States, I’ve known of Andy Stanley for quite some time. And while I don’t always agree with his theology or church practices, you can’t argue with his leadership and organizational practices. You can listen to Andy’s podcast here.


This stuff is gold. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to kickstart your own business, a nerd (like me) who just likes learning the context and history of companies, or looking for your own inspiration in your career, take a listen to this. From AirBNB to Toms Shoes to Kate Spade, each episode has the founders of the company share their story – why they decided to start a company, what whole they saw in the market, and how they utterly failed their first time around. What I find most inspiring is that no one interviewed is ever like “Yup, I just filed for a business license and started kicking butt from day one”. No, they hustled and stumbled and screwed up and worked long hours and slowly, slowly started making things happen. Do yourself a favor and take a listen. You can listen to NPR’s How I Built This podcast here.

// What podcasts are you currently listening to?

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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


  1. Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for these! I, too, have recently been bitten by the podcast bug. It’s really unfortunate that my commute is so short, as it limits how much I can listen to. I listen to mostly politics these days.

    Here are a two I would recommend for you:

    1. The Briefing –
    “A daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.”
    He’s a southern baptist. The episodes are roughly 20 minutes long.

    2. Helicopter Mom –
    “Christian. Traditionalist.”
    This one is by women, for women. It’s a bunch of stay-at-home, very traditional moms. I don’t listen to it except when I’m all caught up on my other podcasts haha, but you might like it.


  2. THE MOTH!!! I’m always shocked that more people don’t know about it/aren’t listening! I’ve been listening for about six years now, so obviously I’m a fan, but it’s true stories told live without notes. You never know what kind of story it’s going to be, and you won’t love all the stories – but still, it’s so good!


  3. I love podcasts so much! I’m a big fan of the Happy Hour too, as well as several others on your list. I also enjoy Sorta Awesome and Pantsuit Politics (I’m not really into politics, but this one is hosted by a friend of mine and I’m trying to be a little more informed these days. 🙂 )


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