I can’t be the only one who keeps asking this question:ย How is it already August??…right?! Please don’t tell me I’m alone. It has been a whirlwind of a couple of months but I am trying to live in the tension of savoring the final days of summer while also craving the routine that fall and new seasons beg. In fact, I’m actually okay that summer is coming to a close. This fall will be the first time I won’t be going back to school, yet life right now is still offering some small fresh starts. And who doesn’t love a fresh start?

But, before we look forward to fall, a look back at all that this wonderful summer held…

1. We bought our first home


After several months of internet searching, house visiting, disappointment when our offers (we put offers on SEVEN different houses!), we finally found a house that was perfect for us. It’s a cute little townhouse, close to both mine and A’s work, and the best thing for us right now. Because this is our first time owning a home, it’s great to not be responsible for the exterior of the house or any yard work as that is all covered under our monthly HOA fees. Even though we have been fully moved in since the end of May, we still have some boxes to unpack, touchup paint to do, and things to hang on the wall. But we’ll get there, slowly ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. I graduated from seminary!

IMG_1171Of all the big transitions that have happened in the past year, this is the one that is most surreal. Like, not real at all. After five years of early mornings, endless books to read, countless dollars spent (we were able to pay cash for graduate school), and many holidays and vacations spent studying, it is finally finished. We flew out to California for Fuller Theological Seminary’s graduation in Pasadena, I donned the ‘ole cap and gown, and walked across the stage. Other than marrying the hubs 5 1/2 years ago, it was the single most-proud moment of my life.

3. We vacationed in California


California poppies, so sweet and colorful

We were able to extend our trip to California for graduation by another week which was amazing. A and I moved to Colorado from Los Angeles a year ago for his new job so this was our first trip back to ‘home’. It was good and restful and weird at times and comforting and just all the emotions you’d expect to feel when returning to a place you used to call home.

Some more photos from California…



Always food ๐Ÿ™‚




We were lucky enough to get to spend some time with our sweet, sweet nieces…and our 2 favorite puppies!

Oh summer! What a fun, crazy, whirlwind of a season. But now I am very much looking forward to slowing down, finding some rhythms, and enjoying this next new season of life.


6 thoughts on “SUMMER RECAP

  1. So proud of you and Andrew and all that you have accomplished during your first year “in the Springs”. So excited to see what the Lord does through both of you this next year. I love and miss you both, but feel great joy for you as well.


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