Hello sweet friends! Goodness, it’s been a long time. The first three months of this year were a little crazy and extra full, forcing me to really step back from some commitments or extra things to focus on what matters most. If ya’ll have been around for any extended amount of time, you know I’m passionate about living simpler, saying no to things I don’t have to do, and seeking rest over rush. While things aren’t technically slowing down over the next two months or so, I wanted to pop in, say hello, and give a little life update!

  1. We have been living in Colorado Springs for just over six months now! Somehow those six months just happened. We thought we survived the lovely (and not-so-intense) winter, but as a type this at the beginning of April it is snowing outside. Lord, help us all.
  2. I started a new job last November at a local church. It’s still an adjustment (as should be expected when you worked at your previous job for almost 8 years), but I am loving it. I get to work with the senior pastor doing research, assistant work, and helping plan our weekend worship services. It’s a great blend of my organizational gifts, previous work experience, and master’s degree.
  3. We’re in the process of buying a home in Colorado Springs (!!!) and boy has it been an experience. Once we are closed on the home and have keys, I will share a full home tour (before…and then after) as well as some of the things we’ve learned throughout the process. Needless to say, it was quite stressful, quite emotional, and we had to put in offers on multiple places before one finally got picked up.
  4. Last week I had an article published over on Grit and Virtue. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you can read it here.
  5. I am in my FINAL quarter of graduate school. We will be in California in June for graduation, to visit family and friends, and to have a little bit of vacation and break from it all. It has been a long five years and I feel like I could write a book just of the things I have learned about myself, endurance, and patience throughout this process.

I think that’s all for now! I have plans to pop in every so often over the next 10 weeks, but mostly my eyes are on the big finish line of grad school graduation. Follow along on Instagram for more updates or snapshots into our life in Colorado.

Hope ya’ll are doing equally well, learning to say no to some things in order to make space for the things that really matter.


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