5 Years of Marriage in Numbers | amandabixler.com


In most areas of my life, I still feel pretty young. For many years I was the youngest person on staff and often found myself hanging around people who were ten or fifteen years older. But, at this point in my 27 years of life, if there were one thing that made me feel slightly old, it’s this statement – tomorrow, we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. Insane!

This truth doesn’t make me feel old in like a “pity me” or existential, quarter-life crisis type of way (although I have had those moments as well!). No, it makes me feel grounded. Being married has been insane and challenging and lovely. I know more about grace and freedom and laughter since being married to A. I have experienced deeper encouragement, stronger faith, and more joy in the past five years than I ever thought was possible. This anniversary has left me contemplating love – deep, sacrificial, unconditional love – at a new level and I can’t help but well up with gratitude. This type of love causes you to be grounded, deep in roots and unshakable. And sure, we’ve had our storms and difficulties, but I am so thankful for deep roots, for deep love that is rooted in the love of Christ, because when those storms came (and will come #aintnaive), we can stand strong and firm.

5 Years of Marriage in Numbers | amandabixler.com

Okay, marriage soapbox pushed aside. While we’ve had some serious and unhappy times, we have also shared a lot of joyous moments, moments filled with giggles and good food and beautiful memories.

And so, our first five years of marriage in numbers…

5 // number of years of marriage

3 // homes in different cities

2 // states of residency

1 // NFL game attended

10 // jobs between the two of us

2 // international trips

6 // weddings attended

1 // undergraduate degree + (almost) master’s degree

3 // domestic plane trips

10 // birthdays celebrated married

1.5 // student loans paid off (and super close to one more!)

Countless // amount of date nights, road trips, spontaneous Sonic Happy Hour visits, early Friday morning movie dates, coffee trips, and hugs given out to our precious nieces and nephews

5 Year Anniversary in Numbers | amandabixler.com

Thanks for a beautiful, crazy, uncertain, and wonderful five years. It’s been messy, far from perfect, but I love thinking back on how far we’ve come – the things that used to cause lots of strife or frustrations, the things we used to fight and bicker about, the situations that used to majorly stress us out. I love how far God has led us and how know, even deeper than before, that God does not call perfect people but, because of him, we can seek to love deeper, forgive quicker, and extend grace further.

// Do you have any anniversary celebration traditions? What do you do to make time for celebration, reflection, and gratitude?



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