Gratitude: What I Loved in October 2016 |


This is part of my monthly Gratitude series – make sure and check out August’s and September’s Gratitude posts as well.

October was an incredibly full, adventurous, and delicious month! Between our big east coast vacation and my mother-in-law being in town for a couple of days, not much got done on the home front but tons of amazing memories were made. I can’t wait to continue processing and sharing all of our adventures with you and encourage you to take adventures of your own!

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The Husband’s Secret
My fun fiction read for the month – had me hooked from like the second page and was SO good.

Brady vs Manning: The Untold Story of the Rivalry That Transformed the NFL
If you like sports or biography’s at all, read this! It’s a fascinating look at Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, arguably the two greatest quarterbacks of this generation.

The Magnolia Story
Is everyone reading this precious memoir? If you’ve ever even seen only an episode of Fixer Upper, you have to read their story.

– Traveling Better by The College Prepster
I wish I would’ve read this blog before our big east coast trip – such helpful tips for planning your next vacation!

Bradley Cooper + fiction cooking drama = intensely perfect date night movie

Perfect drama to watch before visiting Washington DC!

Designated Survivor
This new drama on ABC has our attention – Keifer Sutherland as the newly appointed president after a massive tragedy strikes the Capital. It’s the new show we’re watching every week and loving it.


– Philly Cheesesteak (to go along with my Monday Night Football meal plan)
– Butternut Squash Pizza
– Cheeseburgers and homemade potato chips
– Margarita Pizza

Erin Motz’s Bad Yogi yoga challenge
If you’re looking for some yoga videos to do at home, check her out! If you sign up for her email club, you get free yoga videos delivered to your inbox.

Celebrating my brother’s wedding with tons of family!
Vacation in Charlotte, North Carolina |

– Crisp fall days + gorgeous leaves in Colorado
Gratitude: What I read, watched, cooked, and loved in October 2016 |

// What did you love this month? Anything I need to know about??

Gratitude: What I Loved in October 2016 |

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9 thoughts on “GRATITUDE: OCTOBER 2016

  1. Looks like you had a fun-filled October! I just read, “Dreaming with God” by Bill Johnson, it was excellent. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love your site. And I am so jealous you’re u get to live in Colorado Springs. I Dream of hiking there one day. I have seen some videos from Bad Yogi. And I definitely want to check out that link for traveling and tips. I’m working on a cross country trip so any tips are always helpful! Thanks for all the info. Blessings!


    • We are loving the Springs! It’s really starting to cool down this week which makes me a little nervous but we’ll just add some scarves and hot tea 🙂 and I love Erin from the Bad Yogi! I feel like she makes yoga so approachable – plus, isn’t it so nice to have some video to do from home?



  3. Lincoln is a great film, I love watching historical movies like that. I recently watched The Book Thief and I loved it. I’m also enjoying the weather here in Texas as the leaves are starting to change.


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