Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com


Today we get to celebrate my most favorite person, my hubby. So, in honor of him turning 29 years old, I would like to share 29 of my favorite characteristics and moments with Andrew – and if you’re not the lovey or sentimental type, well we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programing on Friday.

  1. Andrew is one of the kindest people I know.
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  2. He loves Jesus with all he has and actively seeks to live a life of humble servanthood.
  3. He is also very slow to judge or react to anything negative.
  4. Andrew is quick to give others the benefit of the doubt, quick to pause and pray for someone, and quick to extend a big hug and love to others.
  5. When he finds something really funny, his whole body (especially is shoulders) laugh. Oh, it makes me laugh even harder!
  6. He selflessly laid down his own desires to go to graduate school after college so I could pursue my dreams of doing my masters degree.
  7. He’s rarely competitive or intense – unless board games or the Packers are involved.
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  8. Speaking of, Andrew is a fiercely loyal Packers fan and we are hoping to celebrate his 30th birthday next year with a trip to Lambeau Field.
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  9. We’ve been on three international trips – twice to Indonesia and once to Japan. Each time we travel together is better than the last.
  10. Andrew has one of the most analytical brains I’ve ever experienced. He literally read every word of our current apartment lease agreement. I mean, I know my mom always told me to actually read those things but who actually does?
  11. He’s my cute drummer boy and I love playing music with him.
  12. I love that he encourages and supports my passion for cooking and food.
  13. And he eats almost everything I cook.
  14. Speaking of food, Andrew goes along with a lot of my crazy ideas, like doing a Whole30 earlier this year. I love that he’s willing to go along with me, though I think the main reason he did this was we were still able to eat plenty of meat 😉
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  15. Andrew is patient and won’t fight. It used to drive me crazy when we were dating because all of the cheesy sitcoms told me that couples fought, but he would never give into my snippy remarks. Now, it’s one of my favorite qualities in him.
  16. He hates chocolate. Seems mostly like a bad thing right? Just means more for me 😉
  17. We enjoy simply being together, hanging out at home or going out to the movies – it’s wonderful to actually be best friends!
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  18. For the first year of our marriage, we had Disneyland passes. We spent many, many hours in that park and those are memories I will forever treasure.
  19. He is a precious uncle to our three nieces and two nephews.
  20. For a couple of years, Andrew was the facilities coordinator at our church.
  21. Being the facilities coordinator meant he did a lot of physical work, setting up classrooms and cleaning out trashcans. He humbly loved and served our church in such a beautiful way, never complaining or thinking the work was beneath him.
  22. He was also able to spend a good chunk of that time listening to podcasts and sermons, growing as a leader and scholar.
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  23. He is my biggest cheerleader, loudest advocate, and greatest fan. I can’t express how much comfort and peace knowing you have someone as amazing as Andrew in your corner.
  24. When he moved halfway around the world in the middle of high school, he set his mind on making Indonesia his home and, in his words, it made all the difference for his experience there. I see that same passion and determination coming out now in our new home.
    Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com
  25. Andrew taught me everything I know about football!
  26. When we first started dating, Andrew showed me all three extended edition Lord of the Rings movies over a long weekend. I’m not quite sure why I hung around after that 😉 but I am SO glad I did.
  27. Andrew designed my engagement ring himself and had a silversmith create it while we were in Indonesia in 2010. It’s by far the most precious thing I own.
  28. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else.
  29. Andrew truly is my best friend, my biggest confident, and my most favorite person.Happy Birthday Andrew! | amandabixler.com

    Happy birthday babe!



  1. Thank you for writing such wonderful observations about Andrew. I am so pleased to know that he has a champion and cheerleader in his life. You have brought forth such love, joy, assurance, and creativity in him. Your friendship is fun and real. May you two celebrate 100 more birthdays together. Grateful, ~mom


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