A Letter to My Brother on His Wedding Day | amandabixler.com


Dear brother,

Goodness, you’re getting old! It’s crazy to think of you getting married tomorrow – yet it’s also so strange to try and think of life before you met Lauren. I love how you love her, how you care for her, how you have stood by her. And I can’t wait to see you grow in that love and faithfulness as you transition from being a boyfriend and fiancé to a husband.


A husband?? Surely not!


It reminds me of the first time you ever took us up in an airplane, that Father’s Day 7 years ago or so? It was so crazy to see my baby brother sitting in the pilot seat, totally rocking it! You were so in control and confident as you conversed with air traffic control, communicated to the workers at the local airport, and guided us around.


I’m so proud of you – to think, being an pilot was all you ever wanted. You have such an amazing ability to focus in on what you want to do and then fearlessly make it happen. You knew your plan – get your degree, get your hours, get a big job. And you did just that. You hustled, worked hard, and committed yourself to this dream and career. And now you are completely rocking it and I couldn’t be prouder.


Do you know what one of my most favorite thing about you is, though? You call me! Ever since you went away to college, you have been so faithful to call me every week or two – what other sister can say that about her younger brother? I love that you think of me when you’re in the car, running errands or returning home from a trip. I love that you take the initiative and pick up the phone, even if just to chat and check in for a couple of minutes. I love that you’ve made that a priority in your life, even if I haven’t always been as faithful to return the missed phone call.


So, on this day before your wedding, I won’t share embarrassing stories of getting stitches as a kid or your lack of diet variety growing up. Instead, I’ll tell you to keep rocking your life. Keeping reaching for your goals because I know once you set your mind to something, nothing is going to stop you. And tomorrow as you see your beautiful bride walk down the aisle, take a deep breathe. Say a prayer of thanks to God for bringing you two together. Pause and take in the moment, enjoy it and relish it. Look around to the people standing on either side of you two, your tribe of people who love you, support you, and will fight for you no matter what.


You’re the best baby brother I could have ever asked for and I’m so thankful you’re one of my best friends.

Keep on rocking it,

Your big sis

A Letter to My Brother on His Wedding Day | amandabixler.com


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