Well, I have now been living in Colorado for about a month. The elevation is still a little tough to adjust to, the weather is cooling down, and I’m slowly learning my way around town. And though it’s been lonely at times and I miss my good friends and family from back home, I am loving exploring and learning new things about this beautiful things. Today I’m sharing five things that have surprised me about moving to Colorado.

1. People want to know where you live, not what you do


My husband originally explained this strange concept to me when I first arrived in town. There are different quadrants of Colorado Springs – east side, west side, Briargate, downtown, Old Colorado City. And people are curious which side you’re from, so much so that often times the first question people have asked me when I first meet them is “Where do you live?”

Now, equally strange to this question is the lack of questioning what you do. It seemed like in southern California that was the first question everyone asked, as if telling you my job title or place of employment somehow told you everything you needed to know about me. So, as weird as it’s been to not only having to remember where I live (seriously, one of the oddest parts of moving states), it has also been refreshing to not have to constantly explain that I’m not currently working, why I’m not currently working, and that school begins in a week.

2. Elevation is a real thing

Five Surprising Things About Colorado | amandabixler.com

Colorado Springs sits at the brisk elevation of 6,035 feet above sea level, much higher than what we were used to in southern California. This means you need to drink more water, less alcohol, and wear more lotion and chapstick. It also means I embarrassingly have been getting winded while walking around our apartment talking on the phone. Shesh and goodness.

3. “No U-Turn” signs most often read “Left Turn Only”

Five Surprising Things About Colorado | amandabixler.com

In southern California, signs always tell you what you can’t do which kept throwing me for a loop when I didn’t see them around. Instead, a lot of stoplight signs tell you what you can only do, like “left turn only”. It’s a weird contrast that was a funny difference to adjust to. Not sure if it’s some kind of positive reinforcement kind of signage?

4. State loyalty runs deep

5 Things About Colorado - Broncos loyalty runs deep! | amandabixler.com

Coloradians seem to love their state flag and the Denver Broncos. Their excess bumper stickers will tell you about it. I have seen more items with the Colorado state flag on in the past four weeks than I think I did in the 25 years living in California. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, phone cases. And the Broncos are the state’s main team with Peyton Manning commercials between every TV show. The sense of team loyalty reminds me a lot of visiting Oklahoma where everyone actively supports the Sooners, sporting brick red t-shirts and shouting “Boomer Sooner!”

5. Crisp Fall mornings DO exist


Finally, after living my whole life in the land of zero seasons, I craved a change in weather and the color of leaves but didn’t quite believe it was possible. But this state is beautiful, the mountains are gorgeous, and the cool weather and cloud coverage are so refreshing. I am loving the brisk mornings with a warm cup of coffee and the nighttime cool down with a cosy cup of hot chocolate. Also, I just ordered fireplace accessories and we can’t wait to have a crackling fire in the evenings!

// What are your favorite things about the state you live in?

Five Surprising Things About Colorado | amandabixler.com


  1. Yay! Welcome to Colorado – it is the best state. =) (Though I love California very much too.) You’ll get used to the altitude. But don’t let yourself get used to the spectacular beauty of the sunset over the mountains!


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