Okay, that title might be a little misleading. We really did spend our Saturday exploring and trying some new things (including a fast food burger place we desperately wanted to be a substitute for our beloved In N Out, but the jury is still out). And we did try and go apple picking. And I guess we did, if you could count picking two tiny apples as truly apple picking. Who knew the second weekend of September would make us a little late to the apple-picking game?

Growing up in Southern California, each Fall our family would spend a Saturday up in the mountains about an hour away from our hometown stocking up on fresh apples, apple cider, apple butter, apple cinnamon jelly, pumpkins, and fall pictures. Riley’s Apple Farm seriously has the best apple butter around. This has been a tradition that Andrew and I have certainly continued through our first several years of marriage. Saturdays would be spent eating huge cinnamon rolls, exploring small family-owned gift shops, buying way too many apple flavored projects, and just escaping the valley heat for a day.

We were eager to find a substitute for our Yucaipa adventures and were excited to spend some time exploring Happy Apple Farm this past Saturday. It certainly wasn’t as large as the various apple farms and shopping areas as Yucaipa, but for now it filled our desire to escape for a couple of hours and try something new.

We tried to go out and do some of our own apple picking but most of the trees were thoroughly picked through (and there was quite a sad number of apples fallen on the ground!). Because of this, we ended up purchasing a bag of fresh Gayla apples and some apple butter. We tried a sample of their fresh apple cider but it felt too tart and sweet for our liking and ended up passing on that purchase.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day and we had a refreshing time exploring for a couple hours, though because of the size and limited selections, we’re not sure we’d go back. But we’re loving our apples in the meantime! I even made skillet apple crisp from the apples we picked up.


Andrew working hard to pick our two tiny apples

Fall Traditions: Apple Picking & Mountain Exploring | amandabixler.com

Also, if you’ve been following along with my Monday Night Football Dinner Plan, this upcoming Monday’s game is between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears so I will be making these Philly Cheesesteaks (although without the mushrooms) – I’ve made them before and they are so good I’m already getting excited to whip them up for Monday’s game.

// What are some of your favorite Fall traditions?

Fall Traditions: Apple Picking & Mountain Exploring | amandabixler.com


  1. Last year was fun.
    Next year, you’ll know to go earlier in the season.
    Or you can come to our house and enjoy Ibu Tini’s freshly made apple sauce. I have it almost every morning with a good sprinkle of fresh cinnamon. ~


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