Tonight, bless the Lord, is the kick off of a new football season. If there are only two things the Bixler’s take seriously around here, it’s Jesus and football. And while Jesus is always with us, football has been missing from our lives since February…until tonight, that is.

And while my married last name might be Bixler, in many ways I’m still a Keys. And the Keys family way? Always plan the food. While the Bixler’s may take football seriously, the Keys family takes their food plans and restaurant visits seriously. We plan vacations around where we eat. Yelp is a constantly opened app on our phones. And we are always, always on the hunt for the perfectly fried donut, the wonderfully greasy burger, and the just-spicy-enough plate of Mexican food.

One thing I’ve been dreaming about the past couple football seasons is combining mine and my husband’s love of football with our love of food and trying to expand my recipe and cooking experience vocabulary. Because of this, I have designed a NFL Monday Night Football meal plan. Each Monday night, I will be cooking a meal regionally recognized as a staple to one of the two teams playing that night. How about some cheesesteaks for when the Philadelphia Eagles play? Or a good California burrito when the San Diego Chargers are up? Or clam chowder for the New England Patriots?

If you’d like to join along, you can download the meal plan printable here. Each Thursday, I’ll also be popping in with some recipe suggestions for the following Monday night’s meal plan. You can also follow my Pinterest board for other recipe ideas. And if you are from any of the team’s’ hometown and have other suggestions for recipes or staple food items, please share. And, as always, may the odds be ever in your (team’s) favor!

This upcoming Monday night has two games – the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Rams at the San Francisco 49ers. In an ode to California and missing Mexican food, we’ll be cooking up these Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos – yum!

// Do you have any football season traditions or even general fall traditions?




  1. I love your meal suggestions with the team playing theme. I must admit on this side of the world, it all sounds like foreign language and culture.
    I guess it’s all things cheese when Greenbay plays. Go! Pack! Go!
    I hope to enjoy at least one game night with you next month. ~


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