Well, friends, September is here. One of the best and biggest adjustments to life in Colorado has been the change in weather. It’s been low 70s, rainy, and gorgeous here in the Springs this past week whereas in Southern California we’re used to it still being in the 90s until Halloween. Perhaps I better take finding rainboots and other winter-ish clothing quickly a little more serious and if you have any recommendations, please send them my way. As much as I love the idea of fall weather, scarves, and warm coffee drinks, I’ve spent a majority of my adult life in Rainbow sandals so this will certainly be an adjustment.

This past month was a big one. I wrapped up two jobs – one was my full-time summer job as a research assistant at Azusa Pacific University. It was an amazing opportunity that I’m deeply thankful for, thankful for the friends I made, the knowledge I gained, the experiences I had. I also wrapped up my 7+ year job at my church in southern California and what a beautiful, complicated, bittersweet farewell that was. Andrew and I feel so blessed and encouraged by what that church has meant to us in the first 4 ½ years of marriage and truly felt empowered and sent by them.

Some other things that happened this month…

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READ (not a fantastic month of reading, but we’ll get back on track in September):

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildWell, of course I had to read this one as a huge HP fan. I could probably write an entire blogpost on my thoughts, reflections, and disappointments of this book. Overall, I thought it was quirky and a fun addition to the Harry Potter series. I’m also trying to separate my experience with the novels from this full-fledged script for a play, which obviously needs to be approached as a different style of literature.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against ExcessThis was a book I had been wanting to read for awhile and it was worth it. In my mind, Jen blends the humor of Tina Fey with the Christian thoughtfulness of Shauna Niequest (whose newest book is on my shelf to read in September). This book will kick you in the gut though – her chapter on environmentalism and only buying from super local places or second hand shops has really messed with my day to day routine.


Hamilton SoundtrackPerhaps I’m a little late to the game on this one but I FINALLY added the Hamilton soundtrack to my Amazon Music app and oh my. Now, obviously I haven’t seen the musical because who has $400 for a ticket alone, but Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius. If you’re looking for some high energy music to put on for a road trip or while you’re cleaning the house, definitely check out this soundtrack. And if you happen to come across and extra ticket or $400, feel free to send them my way 😉

– Jason Bourne
This was Andrew and mine’s one “date” while we were living apart for seven weeks this summer. We went to the theater and saw the movie at exactly the same time which was a super fun experience and we highly recommend it to any couple doing the long distance thing. As far as the movie goes, I thought it was a typical Bourne movie – few lines from Matt Damon, plenty of intense fight scenes, and the occasional slight plot twist.

The Influence Network Podcast: Shauna Niequest
A great interview with Shauna about her new book and how she has transformed her life over the past couple of years to let go of the high pressure and expectations culture puts on us to live a life of rest, intentionality and community.


– Enchiladas and Baked Ziti from the Pioneer Woman

– Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe coming soon!)

– Pico De Gallo (recipe also coming soon!)


Say Yes to Adventure T-shirt and oh what an adventure it's been! |

– My Blair Lamb Designs t-shirt
I bought this shirt that says “Say Yes to Adventure” in April when Andrew applied for a job in Colorado the first time. I felt so sure back then that moving to the Springs was the next adventure God had for us but then he didn’t get that job. So then I thought, well maybe by adventure is staying in California and whatever happens here. And then, as you know, another job opportunity came up and within 2 weeks of applying, Andrew was offered the position. This shirt has become my motto during this season of a new adventure. Plus it is quite possibly the softest shirt I have ever worn and I can’t wait until she releases her fall line in the coming weeks!

Chocolate Babka Bread from Trader Joes - oh me, oh my! So good! |

– Trader Joes Chocolate Babka Bread
Do yourself a favor and run to your local Trader Joes and buy this bread. A guy on our worship team in California used to talk about this bread with me all the time, knowing I am a huge chocolate lover. He actually bought me a loaf for my final worship rehearsal and, needless to say, the loaf of bread did not last long. ‘Nough said.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs - gorgeous view!! |

– These Rocky mountains of mine.
I mean, aren’t they just gorgeous??

// What have you been loving in August? Anything I have to try?


August was a big month for the Bixler's! We moved states, changed jobs, and for the first time in our life are actually experiencing the beginning of fall weather. Here are some other things we find ourselves deeply grateful for. |


6 Replies to “GRATITUDE: AUGUST 2016”

    1. Oh my goodness – I’m so jealous! I’ve heard that it is most certainly better in person than the soundtrack and that it lives up to all of the hype. Hopefully one of these days when it’s released for a big tour it’ll make it’s way through Colorado!


  1. Oh my goodness, the photo of the Rocky Mountains is stunning! I’ll have to check out that Jen Hatmaker book (love her!), and I can’t wait to read the new Shauna Niequest book as well. Blair’s shirt designs are so cute – I’m looking forward to purchasing something from her fall collection coming out soon!


    1. I’m about halfway through Present Over Perfect right now – it feels like I’m moving so slowly through it but there is such good, thought-provoking stuff that I feel like I can only take it one chapter at a time.


  2. My entire family has an obsession with Hamilton like you wouldn’t believe. I will have a Guns & Ships rap battle with anyone, any time, anywhere. LOVE that you’re on board!!!


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