Garden of the Gods | amandabixler.com

One week ago I was recovering from 1,200 miles, three days, road trip food, and long days. And friends, the 6,000 feet elevation is no joke. It’s been one week of living in Colorado and so far, I have to say it seems quite perfect. I especially feel really lucky to not have to work right now (I’ll be doing graduate school full-time this fall which will keep me plenty busy), which means I have open days to explore, try out new coffee shops, organize and decorate our apartment, and cook until my heart’s content. 

For the first week back in my kitchen, I made Pioneer Woman’s enchiladas and baked ziti, bread machine italian bread, and Oak & Oats’ peanut butter ice cream.

We have been getting up each morning and going for a walk along this trail behind our apartment. Quite a change from the super suburban neighborhoods we’ve been living in for the past 4 ½ years. We’ll see how long we keep this morning habit up once the weather truly begins to change!

First Week in Colorado Springs: walking trail | amandabixler.com

We saw a movie at the dollar theater, finally watched some pre-season football together, went to our first Colorado Springs farmer’s market, and crossed a major thing off my 27 Things While I’m 27 list by having Sunday brunch at the Broadmoor.

I made approximately 723,543 trips to Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods, all trying to figure out decent storage solutions to our apartment that lacks just that. We even threw in a spontaneous trip to Ikea last Sunday after we dropped my dad off at the Denver airport (and might’ve eaten cinnamon rolls for dinner because we’re grown ups).

First Week in Colorado Springs: Ikea cinnamon rolls | amandabixler.com

Each day I drank more water than the previous, slowly getting used to the elevation and fighting the dehydration.

First Week in Colorado Springs | amandabixler.com

We look forward to finding a church and forming a tight knit community, but are also letting grace lead, acknowledging that it took 5+ years to form the friendships we had in California. Hopefully it won’t take that long this time, but we also recognize that it won’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen without showing up.


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