God's grace is sufficient [2 Corinthians 12:9] |

Grace is one of my most favorite things to talk about – grace through forgiveness, grace through love, grace through taking a day off and not striving, grace through close friends and family, but most profoundly grace through God.

God’s grace is simple to understand but oh so difficult to comprehend and embrace – we are gifted so much more than we deserve. Because of God’s grace, we don’t have to strive. We don’t have to compete. We don’t have to prove ourself or overwork our lives or fix every problem. God’s grace is sufficient in our weakness.

I’ve started and stopped this post several times over the past two weeks, knowing that sharing stories of God’s grace is such a passion of mine but uncertain as to where to start. Oh, for sure I have my own stories to share, but the words haven’t felt quite right. And then, just over a week ago at church on Sunday, we showed the most profound testimony story of Phil and Amy. Phil is the Pastor of Community Life and him and his wife have an amazing story of experiencing God’s grace through incredible suffering.

I hope you’ll watch this seven minute testimony video and be encouraged by just how intimate, caring, and of course gracious our God is. You can watch it below or on Vimeo.

Testimony video was made by our own Video Coordinator Ryan Godoy. 

// Do you have an awesome story of God’s grace to share?


A truly powerful story of God's grace and goodness, His faithfulness never ends |


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