Sister Day in Pismo Beach, CA

I have been so blessed through marriage to have gained two amazing sisters-in-law. These women are champions, cheerleaders, and prayer warriors. They build me up, send me delicious new recipes, share my love of chocolate and good wine, and have completely embraced me as one of their own family members. See, I told you, amazing women.

This past Saturday Carissa (who lives in southern California near me) and I took a little roadtrip up to the Pismo Beach area, a good halfway point to meet up with Hilary who lives in Fresno. We had an amazing time of catching up, laughing, and hanging out before I officially move to Colorado Springs in a couple weeks. My brother-in-law even drove down with Hilary so I could see my two precious nieces and then he willingly whisked them away for a couple hours in the afternoon so we could just have some much needed girl time.


There are few things as delicious as good California Mexican food. Because of the uncertainty of decent Mexican food in Colorado Springs (but if you have any recommendations, please send them my way!), you better believe I am taking every opportunity I have to eat as much of it before the big move. Carissa and I grabbed lunch to go from El Mirador and sat out on the pier to enjoy our food while we waited for the rest of the gang to arrive.

Sister Day in Pismo Beach, CA
Hanna (3 1/2) and Esther (almost 2)

While Matt took the girls to the beach, Carissa, Hilary and I headed up to Laetitia Winery in Arroyo Grande where Carissa and I did a little wine tasting and we all sat out on the patio, overlooking the vineyards, and taking the time to slow down, share life, ask good questions, and listen to one another’s excitements and stresses. Do I sound like a broken record yet? I have so much love and respect for these two women and the way they care for their family, chase after their passions, and love others well.

After our time at the vineyard and chasing down a slice of double-layered chocolate cake for Hilary (she’s pregnant with our third niece so when she requested this, we made it our life mission to get it for her!), we headed back into town to meet up with Matt and the girls for a crazy dinner in downtown Arroyo Grande. Man, these two little girls bring us so much joy!

Sister Day in Pismo Beach, CA

Sister Day in Pismo Beach, CA

Sister Day in Pismo Beach, CA

Sister Day in Pismo Beach, CA

As the goodbyes continue and the reality of this big move sets in (which you can read more of here), mostly I simply find my heart overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so thankful for the sweet season my husband and I had in southern California, our first five years of marriage being surrounded by close family, college friends, and an amazing church community. It’s easy and sometimes tempting to allow the uncertainty of the future rob me of the joy of the Lord and all that he has done and provided. And I’m sure there will be sad moments once we move, moments of grief as the changes set in and loss of our life in California. But in the moments, I will carry these memories with me. So thank you, Hilary, Carissa, Matt, Hanna, and Esther, for bringing me so much joy, laughter, good conversations, and great company.

Sister Saturday in Pismo Beach, CA

2 Replies to “SISTER DAY RECAP”

  1. It thrills my heart that you girls are so intentional. I believe I missed a lot of intentional relationship building moments with my sweet new sisters during the early years of marriage. Throughout the last three plus decades, God has been good to help provide meaningful opportunities. One special memory is when us four girls – Cindy, Fran, Corinne, and me – along with Gramma went to San Luis Opisbo to celebrate Cindy’s 50th birthday. We traveled from our corners of California to enjoy a couple of nights together. For those of us who grew up without sisters, these new relationships are so special. ~


    1. That sounds like such an amazing trip! This trip was made truly special because I felt like we were given the best of both worlds – Carissa and I got to see our precious nieces and give them lots of kisses but we also got to whisk Hilary away and get some “grown up” time as well. So special.


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