A couple weeks ago, my older brother and his family came to southern California for a week-long visit. It was such a fun time hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law and going on mini-adventures with my nephews, not to mention having the week off of work!

family vacation recap week two

One of the things my brother and sister-in-law really wanted to do was visit Temecula, a great little wine tasting town about an hour away from us. It’s really become a favorite destination of A and I, a perfect place to get away for a day and enjoy some gorgeous weather, some delicious wine, and some great quality time.

Wilson Creek Winery, wine tasting in Temecula
Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, CA

Our first stop for the morning was Wilson Creek Winery. This is one of the larger wineries in Temecula with beautiful grounds and a delicious patio restaurant. This is the second time A and I have done a tasting here and had a great time. It’s one of the few wineries that opens at 10am and we were glad we got there by 10:30am because, even though we were there on a Friday, it was definitely filling up by the time we left. Also, make sure you download their 2-for-1 coupon on their website if you go!

Briar Rose Winery, wine tasting in Temecula
Briar Rose Winery in Temecula, CA

Our second stop was Briar Rose Winery, an incredibly quaint, storybook-esque winery. It’s so small you have to make an appointment ahead of time but it was incredibly worth the little bit of planning! As soon as you step on the grounds, it literally feels like you walked into a scene from Snow White.

Briar Rose Winery, wine tasting in Temecula CA
Briar Rose Winery in Temecula, CA

Assuming it’s nice outside (which California weather was really showing off this day), they have you sit out on these nice, shaded picnic tables and bring out the different wines. Briar Rose has a smaller tasting menu and you pick between doing a white tasting or a red tasting (most other places allow you to progress through the different wines as you wish) so half of us did whites and half did reds and then we were able to share the tastings between the four of us.

wine tasting lunch at Crush N Brew in downtown Temecula
Lunch at Crush N Brew in downtown Temecula, CA

By this point we were ready for some food and headed into the quaint downtown area to eat at Crush N Brew. This is a favorite place of ours when we come down and the food is always delicious! I got a pulled boar sandwich with crispy french fries.

Our third stop was at Danza Del Sol. They have a great spread of white, red and sweet wine options and we loved how relaxed each of the bartenders serving us were. You could definitely tell they enjoyed where they worked but weren’t as pretentious as other wineries we’ve been to. They also have a beautiful outdoor patio – A and I can’t wait to go back and pack a lunch and just enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

Vindemia Winery, wine tasting in Temecula CA
Vindemia Winery in Temecula, CA

We ended our day at the most gorgeous outdoor wine tasting venue. Vindemia Winery was basically a couple countertops set up amongst the vineyards with twinkle lights and a clear view of the valley. It was such a gorgeous, clear day! I was not as big of a fan of the wine here so I was glad A and I split a tasting (he enjoyed it more than I did), but you certainly couldn’t beat this view!

wine tasting in Temecula, CA
Beautiful, clear skies in Temecula, CA!

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// We had such an amazing time in Temecula! It was great to spend some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law, getting to know them once again, and share some life together.

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