Blackberry Sparkling Drink

We are currently in the final days of our first whole30 venture – it’s been an interesting journey of discipline, trying new recipes, and realizing just how often I turn to chocolate when I’m having a bad day. But more on that later.


A couple weeks ago, we had a particularly rough week, one where enough little difficulties, stresses, and things go wrong and you get to Friday exhausted, worn out, and just wanting a little treat. So instead of grabbing an In N Out cheeseburger and coke (which is what I actually wanted), we sipped a fun, sparkling drink with zero sugar or calories at all.

Blackberry Sparkling Drink

Ingredients (for two drinks):

Two cans of LaCroix berry sparkling water
Juice from half a lemon
Handful of blackberries
Ice cubes
Mint leaf, to garnish


1. Add blackberries to each glass, crushing them some in the bottom.

2. Add in ice cubes and lemon juice, pour LaCroix over the top.

3. Enjoy!

FinalPlating2Paired perfectly with my cast iron steak and perfectly roasted carrots.

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