Girls Weekend Recap

A couple months ago my brother’s fiancé texted both my mom and I inviting us to go wedding dress shopping with her! While she lives in Charlotte, NC currently, she has a lot of family in the Las Vegas area and several bridesmaids within driving distance so she chose Las Vegas as a central hub to go shopping. My mom and I super thrilled to be invited and loved getting to know Lauren and her family better.


Mom and I left Friday around 1pm and headed out – it usually takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Vegas from us and the drive was fairly smooth.

We of course had to stop at the newly opened Bad Owl Coffee in Henderson, NV. As a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd I was so excited when my mom found this place online! While the coffee was fine, it was the atmosphere that was completely fun.

IMG_5441Each table had a special charm or character icon on it.

IMG_5444I mean, come on! It’s Platform 9 3/4!

IMG_5445I tried their iced coffee with cream and sugar.

After our little coffee shop, we next hit up Ethel M Chocolates (both of these places are in Henderson, NV which is about 15 minutes from the Strip and our hotel). Ethel M Chocolates was started in 1910 by Forrest Mars and they are SO good. Momacita and I are both huge chocolate lovers so this was a must-stop. She was definitely in her happy place and I’m definitely my mother’s daughter.

IMG_5446Mom surveying the haul of chocolate.

We walked away with a mixed box of homemade turtles, truffles, salted caramel bites and a white chocolate bar for A (’cause that fool doesn’t like milk chocolate!). After we checked in to our hotel, we headed out for dinner. I was so excited to eat at Shake Shack – two years ago A and I had visited my older brother in Delaware and they took us here for lunch one day in Philadelphia and it too is so good (you may begin to pick up a theme of our weekend – lots of good food!). There aren’t any Shake Shacks in California so I was looking forward to grabbing a good burger and ice cream while in Vegas.

For dinner I ordered their basic cheeseburger and french fries.

IMG_5449Oh and then for dessert! It was a s’mores chocolate custard – so good and rich that I ended up saving the second half for a late dessert on Saturday night.  

After dinner we headed back to our hotel to gear up for the next full day of wedding dress shopping. My future sister-in-law wasn’t flying in until late on Friday so we knew we wouldn’t get to see her.

But we had great plans for Saturday! Saturday morning was able to be a lazy and slow morning for mom and I, taking it easy in our hotel room and getting ready. Lauren had made reservations for brunch at DW Bistro for everyone there – we got to meet her grandmother, aunt, cousin, sister (and adorable nephew!), and three of her friends who will be bridesmaids.

IMG_5475Everyone at brunch ready to celebrate Lauren as she finds her wedding dress.


IMG_5450An amazing breakfast of jerk chicken and waffles – quite different from good ‘ole Roscoes!

After breakfast, we headed out to the first dress shop. Lauren made a noon appointment at a boutique shop and it was so much fun to see her try on dresses! Her nephew Camden even got to hang out and he sure got some loving from the girls.

IMG_5453Lauren’s nephew Camden and my mom – she definitely nagged him as soon as she saw him.

Lauren tried on several dresses and even found one she loved but wasn’t quite ready to make the commitment. She had a second appointment at 3pm but because this first one went rather quickly we were able to head to a different dress shop that she didn’t need an appointment at. But not before snapping a picture with almost all of the bridesmaids!

IMG_5461A majority of the bridesmaids

We went to the second dress shop and they had the dress Lauren loved at the first place but in the color she wanted – such great news. She tried on several more dresses and ended up loving that one and looking gorgeous in it as well. One of the things that I love about Lauren is how laid back she is – she’s not about making a huge deal of things or overreacting. She thinks through options and wants to make sure she has weighed every possibility before making a great decision. This will come in handy as she will be a pilot wife and needs to be incredibly adaptable. When she tried on the dress, she wasn’t even quick to make the statement that it was the dress she wanted. In fact, it wasn’t until we all left the second store and were standing in the parking lot that she whispered her “yes”.

After that, of course we had to celebrate! Everyone headed to Cheesecake Factory for appetizers and dessert.

IMG_5457This little booger was hamming it up but every time I went to snap a picture of him, he froze all up.

IMG_5460Mom and I shared a Snickers cheesecake – such a great way to celebrate the day!

After our celebratory meal, everyone parted ways. Lauren and her friends were heading out to catch up and mom and I were tired from a couple long days so we called it a night and headed back to our room.

We decided to take it easy Sunday morning but still wanted to leave out relatively early to miss traffic. Naturally, we had to stop for breakfast and I found a great little coffee shop, Tiabi Coffee & Waffle.

IMG_5464Mom and I shared a waffle with strawberries and chocolate sauce.

After breakfast, we took off to drive the four hour trip home. It was such a great weekend of time with my mom and my future sister-in-law, and great food! As you can tell, I love to cook good food but I also love to visit new, local food places.

// Have you been to Las Vegas? What are some of your favorite local food places?


2 thoughts on “Girls Weekend Recap

  1. I LOVE Shake Shack! I get their Fair Shake – a fair trade coffee shake. 😉 It’s amazing.

    Also – Pink Box donuts gets our business multiple times.

    I’m definitely putting Bad Owl Coffee on my list for when we head down in a few months! Thanks for that! Glad you had a good time!


  2. I love the Fair Shake at Shake Shack! And Pink Box donuts gets our business multiple times while we’re in LV.

    Thanks for the tip about Bad Owl Coffee! Definitely adding it to my list for when we’re there in a few months. 🙂 Glad you had a great time!


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