Valentine’s Day Recap


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you and your friends/family/significant other had a lovely day celebrating however you chose to. A and I have traditionally not done anything big for this holiday – instead, we have typically chosen to lay low and cook a fancy meal at home as opposed to fighting the crowds and going out. This is always one of those fun holidays where I get some extra freedom and time to be creative in the kitchen and do something a little different.

This year we opted to hang out with A’s siblings down in Costa Mesa. His brother is moving out of state in a couple months and his younger sister and her husband are also wanting to move at some point so we have been trying to hang out at least once a month, making memories and building relationships now why we are at least all in the same region.

We spent Sunday morning working at church as always, spent a couple hours in the afternoon doing taxes with my mom (oh yes, we party hard in the Bixler home), and then headed down to Orange County.

For dinner, I cooked steaks in my most favorite cast iron with a homemade herb butter (I’ll post a recipe soon so be on the look out for how I cook that) and then roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts in the oven. A’s brother provided mashed potatoes and wine and his sister baked brownies for dessert.


As we were eating dinner, A’s older sister, brother-in-law, and our two nieces FaceTimed. These girls are adorable!


I have definitely been blessed with a great in-law family and I love them all dearly!

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