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Well, the cat is out of the bag! Perhaps you saw on my Instagram last week but we finally made the announcement all public – we’re expecting a little baby! Our nugget is due in October and boy am I glad to be out of the first trimester – and to be able to share the news with our whole tribe. I’m glad we kept the secret to ourselves for so long because it ended up being a really sweet time just between the hubs and I (and a few family members and close friends), but I’m also glad that everyone knows!
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Just a few of my most favorite things from November!

Green Bay Trip Recap | amandabixler.com
Did you catch our trip recap to Green Bay, Wisconsin from a few weeks ago? It by far has been my favorite thing this month!

November Favorites | amandabixler.comI seriously cannot get enough of this book by Brendon Burchard. Everyone’s favorite girlfriend Rachel Hollis recommended it about 1,000 times and I’m so thankful I picked it up. In it, Burchard systematically walks through the intentional and thoughtful habits that high performers have put in place, habits like seeking joy, taking good care of yourself, cultivating gratitude. I love it because it’s incredibly practical yet also inspiring and motivating.

IMG_2382Ya’ll, Walmart Grocery pickup is a GAME. CHANGER. Grocery shopping is simply not one of my most favorite things in the world. I actually should add to to my list of things I don’t do. It tends to stress me out, I’m not great about sticking to a list, and I inevitably forget something. For the longest time, we’ve gone with the habit that I will meal plan, make the grocery list, and do the actual cooking (all things I love), while Andrew does the actual shopping. But over the past couple of months, we’ve been working hard to simplify our lives and streamline some things so I looked into a grocery pick up service. Walmart’s is free (while others do charge a service fee) and all I have to do is add stuff to my cart throughout the week either online or through the app, choose my pickup time, and then either Andrew or I show up to have our car loaded with our groceries. They even have an option on the app to check-in when you’re on your way so you don’t even have to call when you arrive. Genius. (Not sponsored – trust me, Walmart has no idea who I am. But if you want to try it out, click on my referral link and you’ll get $10 of your first order.)

November Favorites | amandabixler.comNovember Favorites | amandabixler.com

I recently picked up these storage containers in hopes of getting better at meal prep + packing our lunches during the week. Tupperware containers for meal prep/leftover food

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November Favorites | amandabixler.com

Green Bay Trip Recap | amandabixler.com


A couple of weeks ago we took an unforgettable and amazing trip to celebrate the hubby’s big 30th birthday. He is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and grew up watching Brett Farve slay defenses, so a trip to Lambeau field was like a landmark trip to Mecca. With my new work responsibilities and schedules, we have opposite days off which means this trip was the first time we’ve spent more than 8 hours in a row together since Labor Day. Can any of my girlfriends relate? If you work opposite days as your main man, how do you manage schedules and quality time together to continue to grow your relationship? Help!
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Does anyone else get incredibly stressed out when a new topic of health or wellness sprouts up? I mean, I love essential oils as much as the next girlfriend, but sometimes the thought that every. single. thing. in our home could be incredibly toxic and cause cancer – it’s too much sometimes, right? I want to live a healthy life, make wise choices, drink enough water, buy fair-trade, basically do all the things. It leaves me feeling something like this…
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I was hired for my first “real” job at 19. I had just started college, was a full-time music major, and struggling to grow up and figure life out. Adulting is hard, am I right?! The music program I was part of was an all-or-nothing type of situation. One of the top 3 hardest programs at the school with the expectation that you said yes to every opportunity, every ensemble, every gig. They were paying you scholarships, after all, and how else do you get good at your craft? Most of the time you weren’t even asked if you wanted to be part of a certain musical ensemble or to audition for stuff – you’d simply receive an email saying you were now part of the Symphony Orchestra and practices started tomorrow at 4pm.
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Just a few of my most favorite things from this month!

IMG_2767Drinking water with this sweet glass I received as a gift after speaking at our women’s retreat last month.

IMG_2766I am diligent and intense about my nighttime routine & this has been the perfect addition. And it’s from a local shop, which makes it that much better!


Slowly making my way through this book for the second time.

163-01I’ve loved Jamie’s podcast for a long time (as proof here) but one of her most recent interviews has to be my favorite. Sharon speaks such encouragement and life to women, especially in ministry – like water to my soul.

maxresdefaultHave you heard the new CD from Elevation Worship? It’s so great, especially for those cool, slow fall mornings.

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October Favorites | amandabixler.com

7 Things I Choose To Do Regularly | amandabixler.com


This is a post from the archives.

Since moving to Colorado last year, A & I have been on a journey of simplifying – simplifying our schedules and our commitments in an effort to live a slower and more intentional life. Not one that is full of unnecessary busyness and stress, but one full of joy and contentment, adventures and rest.

Through this process, I created a list of 7 things I don’t do (and encourage you to do the same!) as a way of upfront saying these are things I won’t give in to. I have found that if we are able to clearly define our boundaries and put them in place ahead of time, it is much easier to say “no” in the moment as opposed to being tempted to give in, overcommit, or feel guilty for not doing something enough.
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We still technically have a couple more weeks of summer, but it does feel like it’s rapidly coming to a close. Honestly, I’m perfectly okay with that! While it’s been nice to slow down some this summer, try and process life post-graduate school, and adjust to full-time work, I absolutely love fall.


Burnt orange colors, the crisp feeling in the air, the changing of the leaves. Fall in Colorado is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to experience it for the second year. This summer has felt more full than times past – from our trip to California, celebrating my graduation, getting settled into our new home, A’s trip to Africa, and hosting several people in our home. Goodness, I’m looking forward to the fresh routine the fall typically brings.


Orlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.com

This trip has been on the books for about a year, a time for my dad’s side of the family to gather in Florida. My last remaining grandparent, my paternal grandmother, passed away somewhat suddenly last November. My dad and his two siblings chose to use some of their inheritance to pay for the family to come together for a long weekend at the beach for quality time, rest, and celebrating my grandmother’s life.

Orlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.com


The weekend was full of sunshine, a little too much humidity (especially compared to life in Colorado!), tons of laughter and good stories, late nights and early morning sunrises, and delicious food.

Orlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.com
A little family competition game of croquet (with matching t-shirts – I know, don’t be jealous!)Orlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.com

Everyone else in the family started to return home on Monday (Labor Day), but A and I extended our stay an extra day. We woke up early Tuesday morning and spent all day exploring and hanging out at Epcot at Walt Disney World. It was a dream. We absolutely love travel, learning about different cultures, and eating good food – and all of that done in Disney style? Perfection. It also happened to be the Food & Wine Festival, which meant there were dozens of booths set up around the World Showcase with food and beverages from all over the world. Apple strudel from Germany, specialized pita “nachos” from Greece, cool udon noodles and tempura from Japan, and creme brûlée from France. If you’re a foodie, I would highly recommend planning a visit during the Food & Wine Festival.

Orlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.comOrlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.com

No rest for the weary though! Shortly after we landed at the airport, A had to jump into work, the to do list grew rapidly, and we’re quickly trying to recover and get back into the swing of things. Which leads me to this question…


Orlando Family Vacation | amandabixler.com

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