Hello sweet friends! Goodness, it’s been a long time. The first three months of this year were a little crazy and extra full, forcing me to really step back from some commitments or extra things to focus on what matters most. If ya’ll have been around for any extended amount of time, you know I’m passionate about living simpler, saying no to things I don’t have to do, and seeking rest over rush. While things aren’t technically slowing down over the next two months or so, I wanted to pop in, say hello, and give a little life update!

Life Lately |

  1. We have been living in Colorado Springs for just over six months now! Somehow those six months just happened. We thought we survived the lovely (and not-so-intense) winter, but as a type this at the beginning of April it is snowing outside. Lord, help us all.
  2. I started a new job last November at a local church. It’s still an adjustment (as should be expected when you worked at your previous job for almost 8 years), but I am loving it. I get to work with the senior pastor doing research, assistant work, and helping plan our weekend worship services. It’s a great blend of my organizational gifts, previous work experience, and master’s degree.
  3. We’re in the process of buying a home in Colorado Springs (!!!) and boy has it been an experience. Once we are closed on the home and have keys, I will share a full home tour (before…and then after) as well as some of the things we’ve learned throughout the process. Needless to say, it was quite stressful, quite emotional, and we had to put in offers on multiple places before one finally got picked up.
  4. Last week I had an article published over on Grit and Virtue. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you can read it here.
  5. I am in my FINAL quarter of graduate school. We will be in California in June for graduation, to visit family and friends, and to have a little bit of vacation and break from it all. It has been a long five years and I feel like I could write a book just of the things I have learned about myself, endurance, and patience throughout this process.

I think that’s all for now! I have plans to pop in every so often over the next 10 weeks, but mostly my eyes are on the big finish line of grad school graduation. Follow along on Instagram for more updates or snapshots into our life in Colorado.

Hope ya’ll are doing equally well, learning to say no to some things in order to make space for the things that really matter.

Butternut Squash Pizza |


As much as I love the new year – a fresh start, an empty planner, a clean home after taking down all of the Christmas decorations – I still find myself craving the wonderful flavors of November and December. Pumpkin ravioli, roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberry crostini. Give them all to me. And maybe it’s because it’s been freezing in Colorado for the past week or we had our first official snow day last week, but I am seriously craving cozy comfort food. So when I started looking around my freezer this past weekend and found a bath of the Pioneer Woman’s homemade pizza dough (it makes two batches of dough and freezes really well so I almost always have some in my freezer) and some butternut squash cubes, I knew a simple fall pizza was in my future.
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Some of my favorite things to stay focused, productive and motivated in graduate school. |


I am in my fifth and FINAL year of graduate school. It’s crazy to think that this has been my life for the past five years – juggling assignments, work, reading, research papers, group meetings, confusing homework, all of it – and in under six months it will be over. And I will take a deep breath, a long nap and give thanks for making it through. But until then, focus and motivation is essential. And to do that I need some of my favorite tools to stay productive and get assignments done, little by little. This list is certainly not exhaustive but as we kick off a new year and new semester of school, these are the five essentials I turn to.

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Gratitude: Some of my most loved, read, watched, and cooked memories from December 2016 |


Goodness, how is it already January?! How does this happen? But truly, as much as I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, the quiet that the week between Christmas and New Years brings is so calming, so peaceful, so lovely. Having time to pause and reflect on the past year and make plans for the new year is one of my most favorite things – remembering our big move, reflecting on how faithful God has been to us adjusting in Colorado, growing this blog and making amazing blogger friends (shout out to Grady at Grady Bird Blog who writes awesome inspiration, especially for any stepmoms out there) – it’s truly been a year for the record books.
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An Advent Love |


Love is all you need – or so the song goes, right? From sappy chic flick movies to over-the-top seasons of the Bachelor, our minds and eyes and thoughts and hearts are filled with how love “should” look. Passionate kisses in the rain, angry fights in the rain, friends running towards each other in the rain after finally figuring out they loved each other. Seriously, what is it about rain that seems to make every scene that much more romantic?
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An Advent Joy |


Earlier this year, we were going through a really tough season of life. It seems easy to brush it off – nothing externally was necessarily going wrong. Our health was fine, we had a home to live in, we had some friends and a good sense of community. But it felt like we were drowning in our mid-twenties, stumbling to find our footing and shape a life called by God and formed by Him. There were many days I woke up, uncertain of work or school or where I was headed, and I did not feel happy. I didn’t want to get out of bed and all I had to sustain me, to give me hope and peace of God’s sovereignty and promises was His Word. I poured myself into scripture and proclaimed His truths over my life.
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An Advent Peace |


Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, a season that denotes the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Advent marks a beautiful season of slowing down and yearning for the birth of our Savior, literally meaning “waiting” or “expecting”. Often times, these four weeks are marked by four themes – hope, peace, love and joy. Last week we looked at what an Advent hope can mean, placing our hope not in our external circumstances that can change or disappoint, but in Jesus’ humble birth, life, death and resurrection.
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What We Did on Vacation in Boston, MA |


Last month, A and I got to celebrate my amazing brother’s wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina, and then decided to celebrate our anniversary a little early and take an extended vacation up through Washington D.C., Delaware and Connecticut, before ending up in Boston, MA. Neither one of us had ever been to Boston so we weren’t sure what to expect or how we’d feel, but it was by far our most favorite place we visited – good food, historical sites, awesome people, what more could you want?
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An Advent Hope |


hope I get that new job. I hope my home gets cleaned soon. I hope to have time to make it to that party. I hope my parents get healthy soon. I hope my brother finds someone to marry. I hope my kids turn out to be good people.

Plenty of things to hope for, right? And these are all good things – healthy family members, successful careers, good relationships. But what happens when those things don’t turn out the way we think/hope/work for? Where is our hope found then?
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Happy Thanksgiving |


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! A and I are in Oklahoma this week celebrating the holiday with my mom’s side of the family and it’s been wonderful so far. It’s about a 9 hour drive so we woke up super early on Sunday and drove down. I’ve all been busting out tons of homework, papers, and content this week as well and am just loving the break from work and home-life to relax, refresh, and be creative.

I hope wherever you are today that you are able to find something to be thankful for, knowing that even in the midst of great tragedy, pain, or discontentment, that God truly is still good and is still walking with us through all.

Happy Thanksgiving! And make sure and check back in next week as we kick off a new Advent blog series.